Our goal is to become a major hub where business is accelerated.


「Dot Work Plus」 is a major satellite office hub in the Mt. Fuji Station Building that allows you to avoid excessive concentration of offices in Tokyo.

We have consolidated information on workspaces, people, lodgings, entertainment facilities, restaurants, and more in Fujiyoshida City, and established a major satellite office hub on the 2nd floor of the Q-STA shopping center in the Mt. Fuji Station Building to avoid the concentration of offices in Tokyo. We have prepared a coworking space function, a caf? function, and event space function in the facility, with a vision of creating an intersection where businesses from within and without the city can naturally interact with each other while working.
The name of the facility is “Dot Work Plus.” The facility was named to add a new element to the “.work” brand name that advocates a way of working common to the manned coworking space “.workFujiyoshida (,” the unmanned coworking space “.work ANNEX,” and the medium- to long-term stay facility “.work RESIDENCE” that have been developed in the city to date.


The concept behind the logo is to take the “Dot Work” brand to the next level.
We have been involved in various initiatives in Fujiyoshida City since 2018. We have been working on a large project called “Dot Work” to create an environment for each individual to work in their own unique way that involves the establishment of coworking spaces, unmanned coworking spaces, lodging/stay facilities, lodging partnerships with guesthouses in the city, workspace partnerships utilizing vacant spaces in the city, and more.
“Dot Work Plus” is a facility that further augments (adds to) our initiatives undertaken in the past. If the various initiatives that have developed in the city so far are understood as “dots,” Dot Work Plus will serve as a line connecting these dots. It aggregates all kinds of information and delivers it to the people who need it at the right time.
The “D” in the logo motif expresses the various initiatives in the city as dots, but also represents a coming together of the wide variety of people and businesses that gather in the city of Fujiyoshida. The middle of the “D” is cut out in the shape of a plus sign because of our desire to connect and develop “various initiatives,” “people,” and “business.”