A Flexible Plan That Suits How You Will
Be Spending Your Time at the Facility

We can flexibly accommodate a variety of requests, such as when you want to use the facility only occasionally, when you want to have a workcation with several people, or when you want to set up a satellite office.

For Those Considering Using the Facility Briefly or Short Term

If you wish to use the facility for 1 hour or a few days, we recommend that you do so on a "Drop-In" basis. Please select either the "Hourly" Drop-In menu or the "Daily" Drop-In menu depending on how long you wish to use the facility. If you are a frequent user of the conference room/videography room that can accommodate up to 6 persons or the private room zone (soundproofed private rooms for 1-2 persons), you can enjoy savings by choosing the Full Plan, which includes all fees.

Please take the following two actions before using the facility on a drop-in basis.
(1) Installation of anyplace
(2) STORES reservation


For Those Considering Using the Facility Long Term

If you want to use the facility as a long term base for your business, we recommend you to do so on a "Business Supporter" basis (minimum contract period: 6 months). This plan offers a workspace at a fixed monthly rate. It is also suitable for setting up an affordable business base, as "mail drop-off" and "registration" can be added as options.

Please feel free to contact us first if you wish to use the facility on a business supporter basis.
*You must sign a contract with us before using the facility.

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Guide to Fees

Please choose the use menu that best fits the nature of your work and how you will spend your time at the facility.


¥300 ~ ¥2,500

Per hour ~ Per day

Recommended for short-time or single-day use.
Business Supporter

¥7,000 ~ ¥20,000

Per month

Recommended for those who want to use the facility as a base for business.
Various Options

¥1,000 ~ ¥2,200

Per hour ~ Per month

Per hour ~ Per month We have prepared a variety of option menus.
Use of up to 1 hour Residents of Fujiyoshida City ¥300/hour
Non-residents of Fujiyoshida City ¥500/hour
Shared workspace use Residents of Fujiyoshida City ¥500/day
Non-residents of Fujiyoshida City ¥1,500/day
Full Plan *1 Residents of Fujiyoshida City ¥1,500/day
Non-residents of Fujiyoshida City ¥2,500/day
Business Supporter(Minimum 6 months contract)
Business Supporter Residents of Fujiyoshida City ¥7,000/month
Residents of Yamanakako/Oshino/Nisikatsura/Fujikawaguchiko/Narusawa/Tsuru ¥10,000/month
Residents of Yamanashi Prefecture ¥15,000/month
Residents of locations outside the above places ¥20,000/month
Various Options
Conference room/videography room You can use a room that can accommodate a maximum of 8 people. ¥1,000/hour
Private room zone (for 1 person) You can use a soundproofed private room for 1 person. ¥1,000/hour
Private room zone (for 2 persons) You can use a soundproofed private room for 2 persons. ¥1,000/hour
Exhibit Box The booth can be used for a wide range of purposes, including the sale of creative works, as a place to put your pamphlets, and more. ¥1,000/month
Mail drop-off *2 Receives mail on behalf of companies. ¥2,200/month
Registration *2 You can register the address of the coworking space operated by us as your company address. *The use of the "mail drop-off option" is a prerequisite for the use of the registration option. ¥1,100/month
▼Recommended for users requiring mobility options.
Car sharing service *3 You can use a passenger vehicle with room for a maximum of 5 people. ¥3,000/day + insurance fee for exclusive use of car sharing between individuals
Bicycle rental *3 You can use small battery-assisted bicycles. ¥1,500/1 day, ¥2,000/1 night and 2 days

All prices include tax.
※1…The Full Plan includes "shared workspace use" as well as "meeting room/videography room" and "private room zone" at no extra charge.
※2…This option is available only for customers who use the facility on a "Business Supporter" basis.
※3… Please refer to these links (car sharing, bicycle rental) for information on how to use these options.

Introducing Our Facilities

We flexibly accommodate requests from users so that they may spend their working hours in comfort.
Please feel free to request any facilities or equipment you wish to use from our staff.

We have set up the "anyplace" app to record entry and exit to and from the facility. During and after your stay, you can check a record of when and how much you have used the facility through the smartphone app.

We have prepared a Wi-Fi environment that you can use free of charge. Please confirm your SSID and PASS when you use the facility.

・Power Supply
Power outlets are available in all areas of the facility. If you need to borrow an extension cord, please ask a staff member.

At least one Community Manager is present at the facility at all times during business hours. If you have any difficulties or questions, please feel free to ask for help.

Multifunction office equipment machines are available in the facility. These machines support black-and-white and color printing.

・Private Rooms
Private rooms suitable for 1 person and meetings of up to 8 people are available.

・Exhibition Box
We have prepared an "Exhibit Box" where you can place your own handmade goods for sale, or set up samples and other items for visitors to take home free of charge.

We lend out various types of monitors/displays free of charge.
Please make use of them for making presentations and improving work efficiency.